A lot going on at the moment, a lot of changes and stuff but I haven't given up on personal art completely! Here's a modern-ish take on Dionysos :)

ps : hope you're not eating anything while looking at this.


Go home bruh, you drunk

Here's my assignment for a CGMA class I'm taking with the one and only Nate Wragg!



Sooooo, I came up with a few designs of super vain people (aren't we all?) taking selfies, because I just find them hilarious, there's something very personal and peculiar about omeone taking a selfie, so there definitely will be more of them to come, they're just super fun to draw :D



So, I've been trying to develop characters for my main portfolio project, here's Bella (name subject to change). She's the gypsy version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, the story is set in 1930 somewhere in the woods


The unholy Trinity

Still working on my portfolio, but here is a page I'm quite happy with. I might develop a short story or a few moment paintings around those characters later on.


I have a soft spot for German Shepherds

Here is some development I went through prior to designing an unwanted dog (well his face at least).


Beggars by day, righters of wrongs by night!


Dancing queens

Hey ya'll (well the two of you)
here's some character designs I've made for a CGMA assigment
some businessmen cursed to dance :)


Long time no see!

Hey peeps, been MIA for a while, on this platform at least, the reason being I've been trying to improve my skills exploring older and newer ideas, also applied to a CGMA course, and here's a bit of this week's assignment :)